Saturday Stitch : Moss Stitch Ribs

Every Saturday I will share with you a new stitch.
Today’s stitch is: Moss Stitch Ribs.

This is a very simple but beautiful rib stitch, where the traditional reverse stockinette is replaced by moss stitch (seed stitch). Great for Afghans, blankets, cushion covers or an alternative rib on a sweater.
You need a stitch number multiple of 8+ 9 + 2 edge stitches. Repeat the pattern between the * as many times as you like.


Row 1: edge st, k2, * (p1, k1) x 2, p1, k3; repeat from * to last 8 sts, (p1, k1) x 2, p1, k2, edge st
Row 2: edge st, p2, k2, p1, k2, * p3, k2, p1, k2; repeat from * to last 3 sts, p2, edge st
Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Difficulty level: Easy


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