‘Thoughful Thursday’ Recovery Buddies

Charity to Help People in Recovery

When you knit for the charity  Recovery Buddies, you offer much-needed support and comfort to people in treatment for mental illness and addictions.

The program began with a young woman named Bethany who had begun treatment for an eating disorder. A few of her friends gave her a sweet pink stuffed duck that she called Flynn. Her cuddly buddy became a treasured companion that she cuddled with for comfort as she made her long trips to the hospital where she received her treatment, in addition to all the rough times she encountered as she recovered.
When one of Bethany’s friends needed to be hospitalized during an illness, Bethany remembered the comfort Flynn had brought her, and she decided to knit a cuddly buddy for her friend. Her friend loved the cuddle buddy, and Bethany loved seeing her friend comforted the way she had been.

Thus Recovery Buddies was born. The program unites those entering treatment with knitted buddies: cuddly pillows with arms, legs, and personality, perfect for snuggling when you need comfort.

How You Can Help?

Recovery Buddies always needs knitted or crocheted buddies! They have plenty of people on their waiting list, so this is a charity where your needles and yarn can make a huge difference.
You can find guidelines for knitting buddies on the Recovery Buddies site.
Here’s a pattern to help you along:

Cast on 80 stitches (or if using circulars, enough to go around)
Knit in the round for 8 inches or desired length
Bind off using a three needle bind off

If not using circulars:
Row one : Knit
Row two: purl
Repeat for 8 inches or desired length
Bind off
Fold in half and sew so that it has one open side

Arms : 
Cast on 5 stitches on double pointed needle or circular
Work i-cord for 2.5-3 inches

Cast on 6 stitches on double pointed needle or circular
Work i-cord for 3 inches

Stuff pillow and sew shut.
Sew on arms and legs
Sew on face

Recovery Buddies have been sent all over the United States and all around the world. This is a wonderful way to provide much-needed emotional support to people in very dark moments in their lives. Why not consider knitting a buddy for your next knit for charity project?
You can also find Recovery Buddies on facebook

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