Knitted Flowers – No Green Thumb required!

Flowers are fabulous fun to knit. Completed in a short amount of time, with a small amount of yarn -a great way to use up your leftover scraps. Knitted flowers can add a beautiful touch to many pieces and since I’ve started knitting flowers, I catch myself thinking: “Ooh that could use a nice flower!” maybe embellish a knitted hat or bag or blanket, add a few at the ends of a scarf, put one on at collar of your sweater, knit a dozen to cover a scatter cushion. They can be chokers, wristlets, key chains, headbands, and scrunchies or made into a brooch .I’m sure there are lots of other uses too, they can add a beautiful touch to many pieces
While they may look difficult they are really very simple.
Here i have 3  patterns for large, medium and small flowers.

Large Flower

Cast on 12 stitches
Row 1. Slip 1, knit 11
Row 2. Slip 1, purl 11
Row 3. Slip 1, *k1, yo, repeat from* to last st ,knit 1,
Row 4. Slip 1, purl to end
Continue in stocking stitch (sliping the first st of every row) for 14 more rows.
Row 19. knit 2 tog twice, knit to last 4sts, knit 2 togr twice
Row 20.purl

Repeat row 19 & 20 3times more.

Row 27. knit 2 tog 3 times.         
Row 28. Purl

Row 29. knit 3 together fasten off.
Arrange pettals as desired and sew into place.
Medium Flower
Cast on 8 stitches.
Row 1. knit
Row 2. Purl
Row 3.knit 2, knit front & back of all stitches to last, knit 1
Row 4. purl
Knit 10 rows stocking stitch
Row 15. Knit 2 together twice, knit tol ast 4 sts, knit 2 together twice
Row 16. Purl

Row 17. Knit 2 tog, knit to last 2 sts. Knit 2 tog

Row 18. Purl
Repeat row 17 & 18 3times more
Row 25. knit 2 together. Fasten off

Arrange petals as desired and sew into place.
Small Fower
Cast on 4 stitches.
Row 1. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, knit 3 (5sts)
Row 2. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, purl 4 (6sts)
Row 3. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, knit 5 (7sts)

Row 4. Knit front & back of 1st stitch purl 6  (8sts). Cut yarn leaving a 4’’ tail and leave on a spare needle.
Repeat 4 more times but do not cut yarn on last petal
Row 5. Join all petals by knitting across (40 sts)Row 6. Purl 2 together across row (20 sts)
Row 7. Knit 2 together across row (10sts)
Row 8. Purl 2 together, purl 3 together, prul 2 together, purl 3 together
Thread yarn through stitches and pull tight and sew into place. Secure all loose ends.
You can finish off flowers by adding beads, buttons or anything you wish in the center as shown in photo. All flowers can be made smaller or larger by using finer or thicker yarn and needles.


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