‘Pink Bubbles’ Scarf

As Knitting Galore is ‘Going Pink In October’ Breast Cancer Awareness Month I chose a pink multi yarn to knit this scarf.
Get ready for colder weather with a scarf that’s bold and stylish! Allow me to present this funky ‘Pink Bubbles’ Scarf created with straight knitting needles (and a little attitude).
Don’t you love the great texture?
This is a skinny scarf of ‘bubbles’ that are created by increasing and decreasing at regular intervals, approx 2” wide at widest point and the side edges curl under.The tassels are encased within the first and last bubble.

100gm Aran type yarn
Straight knitting needles, size 9 (5.50 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

18 sts = 4”;  22 rows = 4” in St st


Row 1 (RS):  * K3 tog, rep from * across – 10 sts.
Row 2:  Purl.
Row 3:  Knit.
Row 4:  Purl.
Row 5:  * K in front, back, then front of next st, rep from * across – 30 sts.
Row 6:  Purl.
Row 7:  Knit.
Row 8:  Purl.
Rep these 8 rows for Pat St.

With straight needles, cast on 30 sts. 
 Work even in St st for 4 rows, end on WS. 
 Work even in Pat St until piece measures approximately 54” from beg, end on Row 8. 
 Bind off.


Sew side edges of cast-on end of scarf tog up to second narrow stripe.  Repeat on bound-off end.

Tassels (Make 2):  Cut eighty 8” long strands of yarn and two 16” long strands.  Put shorter strands tog and tie in the center with one longer strand.  Thread ends of long strand into tapestry needle; insert ends into cast-on end of scarf and through second narrow stripe from the inside out.  Pull tassel into sewn end of scarf so that cast-on end of scarf fits down over top of tassel.  Wrap ends of strand in tapestry needle around scarf several times and fasten off securely.  Pull end of scarf down over top of tassel as far as possible.  Wrap second 16” long strand around first narrow stripe tightly and fasten off securely.  The cast-on end of scarf will roll back slightly giving the appearance of a ruffled edge.  Repeat on the bound-off end of scarf with second tassel.

A lot of new knitters start their knitting careers by knitting scarves as they are easy to knit and provide an excellent project to practice their knitting techniques on. Knitting this scarf will not only give you the perfect opportunity to gain knitting experience but you’ll have a stylish fashion accessory too. A scarf has the dual benefit of both shielding you against extreme weather conditions, as well as giving you that added sparkle.


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