Getting Organised!

I am taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of July. This means I will blog every day (that’s the theory :)) 31 blogs during this month.

As I am by nature fairly organised, I’ve decided to divide  posts  daily as follows :

Mondays will be mixed knitting – maybe clothing, household, toys, infact anything!

Tuesdays – I’ve been given a task of designing and making a baby blanket, so every tuesday I  will share with you the design process and the progress. Hopefully inspiring you to design your own.

Wednesdays will be weekly questions and answers. I get asked many questions about knitting and knitting for charity, I will  try to address these and please feel free to ask any knitting questions (sorry I’m not a crocheter)  you may have.

Thursday will continue to be ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ highllighting a knitting charity.

Fridays will be for feet – slippers, booties etc.

Saturdays will be suggestive – no not naughty šŸ™‚ more like hints and tips.

Sundays will be a summary of the weeks work with ‘Lily’ Love In the Language of Yarn the charity I founded – sharing with you the wonderful work of our volunteers.

Knitting Galore for this month at least will be organised!


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