Shamrock Mug Rug

Here’s a little coaster you can keep your coffee mug on. It’s a great opportunity to practice knitting and purling backwards-as well as to use up leftover bits of yarn.They make excellent housewarming and hostess gifts and are easily customized. With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner I’ve decided to knit shamrock mug rugs, these are subtle, not your standard square and the fringe finishes the pattern making it very much like a mini-rug for your mug.

Finished Measurements : Approx. 5½”x5½”

Materials: 1 ball solid cotton yarn
US #3/3.25mm needles*
Tapestry Needle
*I used a smaller needle size to obtain denser fabric and to make the picture stand out more.


With Size 3 needles,
co 29s

row 1: (an all odd numbered rows) k
row 2: k
row 4: k
row 6: k13, p3, k13
row 8: k10, p9, k10
row 10: k8, p13, k8
row 12: k7, p4, k2, p9, k7
row 14: k6, p6, k2, p9, k6
row 16: k5, p8, k2, p9, k5
row 18: k5, p2, k3, p4, k1, p4, k3, p2, k5
row 20: k4, p2, k5, p3, k1, p3, k5, p2, k4
row 22: k4, p2, k6, p2, k1, p2, k6, p2, k4
row 24: k3, p4, k6, p1, k1, p1, k6, p4, k3
row 26: k3, p5, k6, p1, k6, p5, k3
row 28: k3, p4, k15, p4, k3
row 30: k3, p3, k6, p2, k1, p2, k6, p3, k3
row 32: k3, p3, k5, p2, k3, p2, k5, p3, k3
row 34: k3, p4, k3, p2, k5, p2, k3, p4, k3
row 36: k4, p7, k7, p7, k4
row 38: k4, p6, k9, p6, k4
row 40: k5, p5, k9, p5, k5
row 42: k5, p5, k9, p5, k5
row 44: k6, p4, k4, p1, k4, p4, k6
row 46: k7, p4, k2, p3, k2, p4, k7
row 48: k8, p13, k8
row 50: k10, p9, k10
row 52: k13, p3, k13
row 54: k
row 56: k
row 57: Bind Off      
Weave in ends.

To make fringe cut yarn in 3inch strips fold in half and thread the loop through the stitches of the cast on and cast off edge, put the cut ends through the loop and pull tight.
Block and lay flat to dry


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