‘Thoughtful Thursday’ – Knit With Love

Today our featured Charity is ‘Knit With Love.’

Knit With Love was founded by Lindsay Baxter as a high school student in Orange County, California. She learned to knit at a young age, and built up a large inventory of scarves and beanies (hats). The giving of her first knitted beanie to her grandmother who was going through chemotherapy, and seeing how much happiness it brought her was one of her main reasons for starting this charity. A few days before Christmas in 2008 Lindsay went to downtown Los Angeles to pass out knitted items to the local homeless people and seeing how much appreciation there was for these simple items, was inspired to continue on with this. Since then Knit With Love has donated over 1,200 items to people in need in twenty-three countries. They have donated items to homeless children and adults in America, impoverished people all over the world, and kids in cancer wards in hospitals.

Knit With Love is focused on providing scarves, beanies, blankets and other knitted clothing to people in need. The gift of a scarf or cap can bring joy to a person in a time of need, and brighten up their life.Every item donated is knit with love and with a specific purpose in mind. The goal is to provide warmth, hope, and love to people in need. They donate items to homeless people, impoverished children abroad, premature babies, people going through cancer treatments, and are always looking for more deserving people to give to.

How You Can Help
Knitters are invited to help by providing much needed scarves, beanies, blankets and other knitted items and even if you don’t knit, you can donate yarn and needles to help knit items for people in need.You can ship it via UPS or other carrier to the address below.
Ship Donations To: Knit With Love.
32565 Golden Lantern, Suite B, # 190.
Dana Point, California 92629
Knit With Love is committed to giving warmth through knitted items. With the support of many sponsors and supporters, are able to maximize the effect of every dollar received. Knit With Love is an all volunteer charity, and make every dollar count. If you’d like to make a financial donation information is on the web site.
The link to Knit with Love web site is: http://www.knitwithlove.org
If you have any questions about donating please email info@knitwithlove.org
If you know of a person in need, or a charity/organization that helps people, and you feel that Knit With Love can help by providing knit items, please contact them, they would love to help in any way possible. . Help put a smile on a deserving person’s face today!.

Are you’re looking for a way to use up your leftover yarn?
Please help Lindsay and her team and ‘Knit With Love’.


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