Mini Christmas Parcels

Twelve Days Of Christmas Ornaments.
Day Eight: Mini Christmas Parcels.

A cute parcel approximately 1 ½” cubed, to hang from your tree. Alternatively, make several and place in a bowl as a pretty centrepiece. Christmas ornaments make great gifts, or you can choose to decorate your mantel with classic ornaments that you’ve proudly created on your own.

Double Knit type Yarn in main colour and small amount in contrast.
Size 3.50mm needles.

Cast on 10 sts and work 27 rows stocking (stockinette) stitch.
Cast on 10 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows and work 11 rows stocking stitch.
Cast off 10 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows.
Work 13 rows stocking stitch.

To Make Up:
Sew up the box, leaving an opening to stuff.
Stuff the box and sew the remaining seam(s)

For the ribbon I used a crochet hook, with contrast coloured yarn and made chain stitch till required length or you could cast 140 sts, Knit 1 row and cast off. Then tie around the parcel cross at the back finishing with a bow at the front.

 Happy Knitting!


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