I-Cord Jewelry & Accessories

Making an I-cord is one of those things that seems mysterious and difficult until you now how to do it. I waited a long time to sit down and make an I-cord because it always sounded kind of scary to me, probably because it involves double-pointed needles, which I’m not too keen on.
The good news is that making a I-cord is really quick and easy, and you can use them for all sorts of things, from the strap of a bag to hair accessories.

Uses for I-Cord

I-cords is great because once you’ve made one, you’ll start thinking of all sorts of uses for them. Here are just a few ways you might use them:
Strap or handles for a purse or bag.
Straps for a knitted shirt or dress.
Use it as a belt.                                       

                                                                             Make a headband

Sew the cord together to make a flower, a spiral, or some other shape you can use on another knitted project.
Use as a tie for a hoodie or in place of elastic in a hem.

Necklace, bracelet or broach the list is endless

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