The New Kid On The Blog

It’s hot today (38*) here in Kusadasi, Turkey and i’ve had avery slow start, just couldn’t seem to get going but was determined to sit downand write this post. I’ve eventually got myself organised, turned the air conup and poured myself a drink of iced water and here i go!
When i first started my blog which was just 1 month ago, i really didn’t know what i was doing, yousee i was looking into the idea of doing something to promote the lovelyhandmade woven bracelets that my husband makes. Then i suddenly thought i couldwrite a blog about my passion for knitting and  before i’d actually thought itthrough i was signing up on blogspot and writing my first blog. That was wheni realised it’s great to share my knitting but i actually want people to read my blogand enjoy it with me, but i really don’t know what to do or how to do it, so istarted searching the net for answers.
I started to add my blog to directories and reading otherpeoples blogs to see how they did it. I signed up for numerous newsletters andaids from various Internet Marketing and Social Networking experts, i read all,some i found extremelly helpful and enlightening and some not so. I picked upmany tips and found lots of plug ins, add ons and web sites i’d never heard offbefore.
                  Iwould like to mention, if i may, a few of the people that gave me the mostinspiration. The first of whom is Michelle Shaeffer i’m not sure how i cameacross her, but, she has been such a help to me i feel like i’ve always knownher. With downloads, news letter and blog posts she has given me advice and help in no end of ways. You can findMichelle at or the facebook page’the ultimate blog challenge’ andnumerous other sites. Hector Cuevas( who after listening tohis ‘smart blogging audio’  gave me theinspiration to carry on just when i was thinking ‘this is all too much!’JohnPaul Aguiar ( who made me feel better with his statement‘It’s ok if you don’t know everything’ and the help with his Blog dummyblogging course. Alex for his sense of humour and Market SamuraiBootcamp which is helping me understand keywords.  Martha Giffen who has given me a greatinsight with her great blogging tips on ‘How to be a profitable blogger’. And morerecently Janet Callaway the Natural Networker who is just that ‘Natural’ andshe seems to have the knack of blogging the right subject at just the righttime ( for me  anyway) to spur you on.There are many others, i don’t want this to turn into a directory but i dobelieve in giving credit where credit is due.     
Although i’m still a long way off i feel i’m getting there(where ever that is). At the end of the day my blog is about my passion ofknitting and being able to share that with anyone who also loves to knit. Oneof my main reasons for the blog is that when i came to  live in Turkey it was impossible to findknitting patterns in English (or even Turkish for that matter) the only thingwas to search the net but although there’s more choice now  alot of the patterns available are oldfashioned to say the least! And there’s little or no info on how to substitutea particular yarn, because ofcoursethere’s only Turkish yarn available here. If i can share my patterns and helpknitters and maybe make some money along the way i’ll be a ‘happy chappy’. Sostand by for the New Improved Knitting Galore…. Coming Soon!



2 thoughts on “The New Kid On The Blog

  1. Dianne, aloha. What a wonderful way to start the week. Thx so much for including me in this list with some great bloggers I respect.Delighted to hear that what I post is exactly the message you need to hear/read at that time. It amazes me how often that happens. Another blogger and I frequently post on the same topic on the same day–even when they are topics that are not our norm.Since you are the "New Kid on the Bolg" which is such a clever title, by the way, do make sure you visit my last two posts on social media. Both are quick yet will give you food for thought.Wishing you a glorious day. Again, thanks so much for including me. Until next time, aloha. Janet

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