Easy Lace Triangle Shawl – Pattern

It’s Finished!

All be it a few hours late ( i did finish it on time but the light wasn’t good enough for photo), here is the finished Shawl.
And as promised here is the pattern :

With Mohair type yarn and 6mm needles  (tension doesn’t realy matter with this pattern)

I cast on 2 stitches
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 Purl
Row 3 Knit front and back in First stitch, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit front and back in last stitch
Row 4 Purl
Row 5 Knit f&b,*( yarn over, knit 2 tog,) repeat from * to last stitch knit f&b
Row 6 Purl
Repeat rows 5 & 6 until desired lenghth ( you may need to transfer stitches to circular needle if there becomes too many  for straight needles)

Cast off loosely.

Add fringe by cutting strands of yarn 24cm 10” place 3 strands (more if you wish) together fold in half, thread loop end through egde of shawl, thread cut end through loop and pull to form knot.

It realy is all about personal choice – how long you knit the shawl and  how often you place the strands for the fringe.


5 thoughts on “Easy Lace Triangle Shawl – Pattern

  1. Hi Ann Thanks- yes will work with any type of yarn you just need to use the correct needle size for type of yarn used.Nancey it doesn't matter how many stitches you end up with as you knit untill required length. I had 200 sts at finish.

  2. Dianne, aloha. Delighted to have found you. Look forward to getting to know you.Though I do not knit, my very closest friend is an avid knitter. In fact, next month she is attending an all day workshop on Vogue knitting patterns; she is so excited.She will so appreciate having this link to your blog. Best wishes for a terrific next week. Aloha. Janet

  3. row 3…not enough stitches to k2tog & yo…unless I missed something, only had 2 stitches to work with…just went with it till I could do it, coming out very nice~quick & easy pattern!!!

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